Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin is running like a candidate's wife -- from the 50s

This is getting ridiculous.

Sarah Palin is running not as a vice presidential candidate but as the wife of a 1950s political candidate. She is seen but not heard. No questions?

Palin is the candidate of the photo opp -- and if she were not a she, this would never fly. If the American public allows Palin to get away with this under the rouse that the media is a giant liberal monolith, the nation is in trouble as power will be even more bunkered away from us than it already is. We'll see more $700 billion Wall Street bailouts popping out of nowhere.

Here is Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic:

The press is beginning to resist the incredibly sexist handling of Palin by the McCain campaign. There is a simple point here: any candidate for president should be as available to press inquiries as humanly possible. Barring a press conference for three weeks, preventing any questions apart from two television interviews, one by manic partisan Sean Hannity, devising less onerous debate rules for a female candidate, and then trying to turn the press into an infomercial for the GOP is beyond disgraceful.

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