Saturday, August 30, 2008

HBO's Maher satirizes Palin

This is admittedly hilarious but it is the sort of thing that could seriously backfire in terms of an attack ... Referring to her as a "M.I.L.F" and suggesting that if McCain dies in office Palin would be like a stewardess trying to fly an airplane in the event of a pilot problem?

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Bren said...

I have never been so excited in all my life to get to vote for someone as I am about Sarah Palin. I love her hardhitting, hunting, fishing, loving her husband and children, no pantywaist ways! I would never have voted for ObamaHussein, but was just thinking of going to a third party....then I got wowed by Sarah, and just wish she were the presidential candidate. This will be my 7th candidate to cast a pres. vote for, and cannot wait to join Palin/McCain !
You go Sarah. Don't change a thing!