Thursday, August 7, 2008

Email From The Northwest

Just got this from someone identifying himself as Lou Driever:

I totally agree; there are now at least 3 websites pushing her candidacy. I've personally been sending e-mails to the McCain HDQ, Republican national HDQ and Oregon Republican Party HDQ for the last 2 months pointing out the advantages of her selection. If she pulls in just additional percentage points of the women's vote that's enough to time several states! Much more significant effect than having two "old white guys" on the ticket. And even if the ticket goes down in flames, at least it will be with style/class (versus current bland bland bland tedium). My two cents - thanks for the observations! Appreciate the insight.

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Domestic Chicky said...

Hey Doug! It looks like you may have had the right idea-there was a late night charter flight from Alaska to Ohio last night...we'll see in a little bit!