Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it looking like Mitt?

Over at, the speculation is that Mitt Romney may be the VP selection and that such a move would be a colossal missed opportunity for McCain.

Here is 411mania:

I have to say that McCain is making a big mistake by not picking Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal. Nobody has been picked so technically they still have shots, but Jindal said the other day that he will not be picked and Palin's name never even comes up anymore so it seems as if she isn't even being considered. It's too bad. Both have risks and drawbacks but at this point, McCain has to try to light a spark in his campaign. He has been unable to catch Obama despite outspending him and now will have to deal with the fact that the things that have happened this week (Obama having a flawless overseas trip, Maliki and other foreign leaders backing his withdrawal plan, him coming off more Presidential than he ever has, and so on) have greatly weakened his chances and are going to make it much harder for him to win the Iraq debate.

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Carlos Echevarria said...

I hate to say it, but it looks like Mr. Special Underwear is going to get the call.

I for one will NOT vote for a McCain-Romney ticket...I would rather sit it out than help out the Monson-Romney combo!!!!