Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Would Be Some Of Palin's Strengths

Yahoo News has a piece outlining some of the potential strengths and weaknesses for Palin.

Sarah Palin - The young Alaskan governor is hugely popular in her state and her particular strengths are finding resonance on the Right. While still relatively unknown to the larger conservative movement, she already has Bill Kristol's seal of approval. If Obama doesn't choose Hillary, putting Palin on the ticket would be a major coup for McCain with female voters. Palin is also solidly pro-life, and is acquiring a tough anti-corruption record in Alaska, fitting well into McCain's larger campaign theme. The problem of course is that Palin is relatively inexperienced and unvetted. While Jindal has gone through the ringer in the circle of Hell known as Louisiana politics, Palin is mostly a question mark. Palin also has no national-security experience and relatively little economic experience.

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