Monday, July 21, 2008

British Oddsmakers At 5 to 1 On Palin

The Allentown Morning Call has a story about British Oddsmakers who have Sarah Palin at 5 to 1. She's only behind Romney who is at 5 to 2.

2. Sarah Palin (Alaska governor): 5-1 odds An anti-corruption crusader and one of the most popular governors in the nation, Palin would also boost McCain's chances to woo female voters, but she's from a state that offers few electoral votes.


Ted said...

Why does this red herring of few electoral votes from Alaska continue to get injected in Sarah Palin's Veepship possibilities (I say probabilities), especially compared to Romney.

It's very doubtful Romney could ever be relected from Massachusetts; Palin remains the most popular Governor of the entire USA, approximating 90%.

And finally, Palin's appeal, just like McCain's, Obama's, or Hillary's for that matter, TRANSCENDS GEORGRAPHY!

If it's down to the top two, Romney & Palin (and Intrade confirms this), Romney's brand new ad practically confirms he's picking Palin, along with the slogan:

"Don't hope for new energy, vote for it."

McCain/Palin '08

Ted said...

Woops, typo, I mean McCain's brand new ad. Here it is:--

NiceDuckSir said...

i'm sure this has been covered before, but i just surfted across this site, so forgive me.

how is palin eligible for VP? Don't you have to meet all the consitutional requirements to be President in order to be Vice President? And isn't one of them that you have to be 45 years old on the date of the inauguration?
Sarah Palin was born February 11, 1964. She will not turn 45 till February 11, 2009, approximately 3 weeks after inauguration day.