Monday, July 14, 2008

The Daily Palin For July 14

In Alaska the big news for Gov. Sarah Palin is the ongoing pipeline debate and the sacking the police commissioner. But her invitation to Senator John McCain to visit ANWR is a major topic for those following her vice presidential possibilities.

McCain's national ads are tone deaf, focusing on war hero biography and stock footage that just make him look older and more out of touch with people concerned about gas prices, groceries. We just aren't hearing a lot of talk about terrorism in swing state country. People are paying $90 to fill up their trucks, and we even have the advent of a new term "staycation" -- for those who are using vacation time at home because they can't afford to travel.

I am convinced that the most rapid way for McCain to turn this around is to select Palin as his running mate as it would, among other advantages, train attention on energy issues.

John Gizzi reported in Human Events
that Palin made the Alaska visit offer to McCain.

Philadelphia, Penn.--With John McCain still adamant in his opposition to oil exploration in the Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), the governor of Alaska yesterday called on the soon-to-be Republican nominee for President to come to her state and see for himself the proposed site for drilling.

"I'm asking him to come up and see ANWR," Republican Gov. Sarah Pallin told me Saturday during the centennial meeting of the National Governors Association here.

Over at, there is a post about Palin being a no-nonsense politician. Benningswritingpad has lengthy post about Palin with an impressive collection of photos.

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