Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Palin Selection Could Force Misstep From Obama

Writing for Real Clear Politics, Jack Kelly gets it right in his analysis on McCain's selecting Palin as his running mate. Such a choice obviously would appeal to the disaffected Hillaryites, but just as important, it could force Obama to make the wrong move.

Here is Kelly:

Sen. Barack Obama's support has plunged recently among white women. Many Hillary Clinton supporters accuse him -- I think unfairly -- of being sexist. Having Sarah Palin on the ticket could help Sen. McCain appeal to these disgruntled Democrats.

Running mates usually aren't named until the convention. But if Sen. McCain should name Gov. Palin earlier, it would give America more time to get to know this extraordinary woman. And because she's at least a dozen feature stories waiting to be written, she could help him dominate the news between now and the conventions.

Another reason for selecting Sarah Palin early would be to force Barack Obama to make a mistake. He'd have to rule out choosing someone like Virginia Sen. Jim Webb as his running mate, for fear of exacerbating charges of sexism. And if he chose a woman other than Hillary, the impression Democrats are wimpy would be intensified.

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