Monday, July 14, 2008

The Investor's Business Daily Interview

Investor's Business Daily has an interesting and thorough question-and-answer session with Sarah Palin on energy policy -- with a final question about the potential of being John McCain's running mate.

Do you have any thoughts about being named as a vice presidential candidate?

I think that any kind of national profile, if there is any elevation of that, it's for Alaska itself. People are looking up here (and saying) we need you as leaders for energy policy. We have a willingness to develop responsibly and supply the rest of the United States, and that's why we are being looked at. I just happen to be in a position of leadership where I get drawn into that.

As for vice president, it would be certainly an exciting thing to consider, but to me it's so farfetched and out there that I don't spend any time thinking about it because we have so many things to do in Alaska.

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