Friday, September 12, 2008

Does Palin want women Jailed, executed for abortions?

(Editor's Note: This first appeared at Iowa


If Gov. Sarah Palin’s now well-known views prevail and abortion is made illegal, what should the penalty be for a woman who has an abortion and a doctor who provides one?

Should they be fined — like we do with speeders on our highways — or should they be strapped into an electric chair?

Misdemeanor or felony?

It’s a question the GOP vice presidential candidate needs to answer — with the specifics that have so far escaped her American Idol-style debut. She is on record as saying in 2006 that the government should force her daughter to have a baby in the event she were raped.

Americans deserve to know: Would the Alaska governor have her own daughter jailed or executed for having an abortion after being raped (if that ever happened)?

Pro-lifers may say, “let the penalty fit the crime,” but on abortion they won’t say what the penalty should be.

All pro-life candidates believe abortion is wrong. Many believe abortion is “murder.”

And several of these candidates also believe in the death penalty for first-degree murder.

That considered, it would be logical for them to call for the executions of women who have abortions or their doctors, wouldn’t it? Palin is a darling with the anti-abortion movement for having a baby with Down syndrome. Would she pardon her own daughter in the aforementioned rape-abortion scenario, or let her get the needle to further galvanize the base?

This is a fair question.

If a candidate wilts in the face of it then he or she simply doesn’t have the stuff to be a bona fide abortion opponent.

If a candidate says he wants to cut taxes, we ask what programs will be slashed.

And if a candidate says he wants to lock up more drug dealers with mandatory minimums, we ask “For how long?”

But when candidates say abortion should be criminalized, they are seldom pressed on what that really means for violators in a world where abortion would be illegal.

Their answers are vital to a debate that, without honest responses, is intellectually incomplete.

People who say they are opposed to abortion might get a little skittish when politicians start talking about prison time and even raising the specter of the death penalty for the women and their providers.

This is a question to test stomachs and resolve. We need to start asking it.

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Anonymous said...

One who is pro-life is against abortion and against the death penalty. So to punish an abortionist through death penalty of course does not make sense. That just adds to the death count. However, just because I am not for killing the killer does not mean that I want to go light on his/her punishment. The crime of abortion is very serious. It is Murder! Therefore, it should be met with a serious punishment... imprisonment.