Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Under Palin, Alaska city wanted rape victims to pay for investigations

So ladies, you think Sarah is your gal, a fighter for women? That may be true -- if you have the money to pay for your own rape kit, something the city of Wasilla, Alaska, wanted women to do while she was mayor there.

This from The Minnesota Independent:

In 2000, Wasilla police chief Charlie Fallon, whom Sarah Palin hired, opposed then-governor Tony Knowles signing of a bill that would make it illegal for charging rape victims for gathering evidence of a sexual assault. “We would never bill the victim of a burglary for fingerprinting and photographing the crime scene, or for the cost of gathering other evidence,” Knowles told the Alaska Paper, The Frontiersman, in 2000.

Yet Fannon, Palin’s hire, opposed the legislation, saying it required the city and communities to come up the funds for the forensic exams.The total cost to the city? Approximately $5,000 to $14,000, according to the paper. “In the past, we’ve charged the cost of exams to the victims insurance company when possible,” he said. “I just dont want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer.”

Sarah Palin, who is supposedly gathering momentum with women voters, has gone on record saying hiring Fannon was “the best decision [she] ever made.”

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