Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin blog editor gets shout out from Washington Post

The editor of this blog -- Douglas Burns, a Carroll, Iowa, journalist -- was featured in a Washington Post column written by Al Kamen. He noted that Burns was among the first journalists to predict Palin as McCain's running mate. More long-term readers of this blog know that -- and new readers can see the blog posts here date back to June when I predicted the Palin choice in a column devoted entirely to the subject at Iowa

Here is Kamen In The Washington Post:

Is He Clairvoyant, or What?

Speaking of the political pundits, it turns out that Douglas Burns, columnist for the Daily Times Herald of Carroll, Iowa, and, predicted on July 29 that McCain would pick Palin and mentioned Biden as a likely Obama running mate.

Under a headline "Why McCain will pick Sarah Palin as running mate," Burns wrote that Palin, of all the possible picks, "brings the most to McCain" and "is a likely selection." Palin has "five children, a captivating TV-mom look and a brief but weighty background as a reformer governor," he wrote.

Republicans might worry she "would get knocked around in a vice-presidential debate" with Biden, Burns wrote, but the Dems would "have to be careful about bullying her, and she would be a vessel for disaffected Hillaryites, bulging with estrogen, looking for a reason to bolt the party."

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