Friday, September 5, 2008

Is this how the choice was made?

Before clicking to watch it should be noted that the above is obviously satire and contains some profanity. In other words it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW).


Rawsheta said...

Sara Palin needs to understand that running for vp is always going to an option. Enjoying each day with your kids and new baby is a once in a lifetime experience that she is forsaking. Should she lead my daughters into thinking that she is a role model. No, I want my daughters to know that a mother is someone who is there for you each day.


MOTHER = SelfLESSness.

MOTHER of 6 children at home running for VP = SELFISHness

Obviously her career is more important than her children.

Secondly, the selection of our NATIONAL LEADER - PRESIDENT should not be based on NAME, COLOR OR WHAT'S IN THEIR PANTS!

Those factors have no bearing on what they have achieved and what they can do for our ONCE GREAT Nation!