Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Reviews are in ...

The Boston Herald says that Palin rose above partisanship in her speech to the GOP convention last night.

The Los Angeles Times
sees the speech as giving a major boost to the McCain candidacy.

Writing for CNN,
Democratic stategist Hillary Rosen notes that a star is born in Palin.

Let's reflect. In her acceptance speech, we saw a woman who was compelling, charming and aggressively partisan. She succeeded in demonstrating that she is a regular mom who came to government to make a difference.

And she had that crowd in the convention hall eating out of her hands. Celebrity? It will be hard for the Republicans to attack Sen. Barack Obama for his celebrity now that they have one of their own.

A superstar of the radical right was made Wednesday night. And she may also have made some headway with those who buy her folksiness without knowing the extreme nature of her actual policy views.

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